Abstract Submission

  • Extended abstracts for oral presentations and poster presentations must be submitted online.
  • The author names, affiliations and highlight statements can be entered separately on the submission form.
  • Highlight statements are mandatory for abstract submission. They consist of a short collection of bullet points that convey the core findings of the article and should be entered in the online submission system. Each statement should consist of three to five bullet points and it should not exceed 125 characters including spaces.


  • Abstracts should be prepared using the prescribed template. 
  • The abstract should be no longer than three pages including references. 
  • Only PDF files will be accepted as the file format for submission. Please convert your file at your own risk.


When submitting your abstract, be sure to select one of the appropriate topics for your abstract. Topics for cycling safety covered at this conference include, but are not limited to:

  • Causation and prevention of cycling crashes and injuries
  • Safe cycling infrastructure
  • Safe bicycles
  • Safe motor vehicles for cyclists
  • Special groups of cyclists: children, elderly, delivery riders etc.
  • Protective devices to increase cycling safety
  • Safety-related behaviour and attitudes of cyclists and towards cyclists
  • Research methods: observation/ naturalistic studies and cycling simulators
  • Safety of pedelecs and S-pedelecs
  • Education and cycling safety
  • Regulations and standards for safe cycling
  • Planning and policies for safe cycling
  • Safe cycling in the cities of tomorrow / connected and smart bicycles
  • Future trends and cycling safety implications
  • Safe interaction between cyclists and connected/automated vehicles
  • Micro mobility: emerging trends & safety implications
  • Cycling econometrics / Cycling economy in relation to safety
  • Safe cycling for long distance / tourism
  • Cycling safety in emerging countries

Abstract Submission

In this conference, the Abstract Submission System will be used.

Access to Abstract Submission System [External Link]:

Conference fees

Early Bird (up to 31 August 2024)

  • Students(Including PhD students): ¥ 31,000
  • Others: ¥ 43,000

Standard (After 31 August 2024)

  • Students(Including PhD students): ¥ 41,000
  • Others: ¥ 60,000