International Cycling Safety Community

The mission of the International Cycling Safety (ICS) community is to improve cycling safety through scientific work. The ICS community intends to disseminate scientific results to all cycling safety stakeholders. The yearly ICS conferences offer a premium forum to share scientific results and to favor networking inside the ICS community.

12th ICSC held in Imabari, Japan

The International Cycling Safety Conference, hosted by IATSS on November 5 to 7 2024, will invite delegates from over the world to bike through Imabari, workshops, meet other people professionally interested in cycling safety, learn from each other and share knowledge.

Theme: Cycling Safety Culture

To date, there is an ever-increasing interest in research, from policy level to road and street level, on the issue of how to achieve safe cycling in society.
Discussions on such research focus on defining the cycling safety culture, explore road user behaviour and the activities of people and organisations involved in road safety, and include an ongoing debate on how researchers around the world can contribute to safe cycling.
Therefore, by focusing on cycling safety culture, the conference hopes to provide an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the state of cycling safety in the world and to foster international collaboration among researchers to reduce cycling crashes and injuries.

Topics covered at the conference include:

  • Causation and prevention of cycling crashes and injuries
  • Safe cycling infrastructure
  • Safe bicycles
  • Safe motor vehicles for cyclists
  • Special groups of cyclists: children, elderly, delivery riders etc.
  • Protective devices to increase cycling safety
  • Safety-related behaviour and attitudes of cyclists and towards cyclists
  • Research methods: observation/ naturalistic studies and cycling simulators
  • Safety of pedelecs and S-pedelecs
  • Education / Training and cycling safety
  • Regulations and standards for safe cycling
  • Planning and policies for safe cycling
  • Safe cycling in the cities of tomorrow / connected and smart bicycles
  • Future trends and cycling safety implications
  • Safe interaction between cyclists and connected/automated vehicles
  • Micro mobility: emerging trends & safety implications
  • Cycling econometrics / Cycling economy in relation to safety
  • Safe cycling for long distance / Safe cycling tourism
  • Cycling safety in emerging countries